On September 18 Rafal Piesliak’s installation “Garden” has been opened to the public. From today, it is open to every Vilnius resident or city guest.

Rafal Piesliak’s installation “Garden” consists of 10 objects and belongs to the series of works “Antennas”. At the “ArtVilnius” Art Fair in 2020, the commission has announced “Garden” as one of the two best installations presented at the Art Fair. The work aims to rethink our ways of communication and also reveals the human adaptation and integration to its’ changing environment. According to Piesliak, the objects used in his work have no individual meaning, while as a whole they serve as an instrument to shape the new experience of the observer. The artist’s work reforms the space and involves the viewer in the creative experiment. The work makes the spectator not only look at the artwork but also rethink the actions taking place in its surrounding environment. The material used for the installation is steel, which is used to make real antennas. It is a long-lasting, durable material that allows the sculpture to survive in public space for many years. The Neris River bank with the television tower in the background was also chosen to reflect the narrative of the urbanization progress and communication supremacy.

“Garden” was granted to the city of Vilnius by Dr. Irmantas Norkus, the managing partner of “ArtVilnius” art fair initiator and patron “Cobalt Legal” in Lithuania. The work is part of the Vilnius municipality initiative “Gift to Vilnius”.

The installation can be seen in Vilnius, located in the open leisure area near the Neris River, before entering the sports space.

Photos: Rytis Šeškaitis