The (AV17) gallery is one of few spaces in Lithuania that consistently exhibit works by sculptural object creators, offer contemporary sculpture or object art and sketches. One-of-a-kind high-quality art pieces are created with modern materials and reflect innovative artistic decisions and ideas. See available works here.


Art lease is a perfect alternative for those seeking to update the interior of their office or home. The (AV17) gallery collaborates with professional artists and interior designers that will help you shape temporary collections and integrate them into living and working spaces. Works of artists presented by the gallery, sculptures of all sizes, objects, and interior elements will create a unique ambience and highlight the design of your space.


The gallery offers unique spaces for informal and business meetings, book launch parties, photo- and video-sessions. The gallery’s atmosphere will make your private event or meeting with business partners unique and exclusive. You can also invite your partners or guests to get acquainted with contemporary art during a private exhibition preview and meeting with an artist.