“The Bottom” is the third part of Jurga Barilaitė’s ongoing project “Dreams of the Living and Delusions of the Dead”. In this project, the artist explores different ways of resistance or liberation from radical ideologies of power. By looking for links between the body, language and abstract symbolism, Barilaitė creates alternative strategies of resistance, revealing the contradictions of struggle and at the same time seeking reconciliation with fate. In 2019, Jurga Barilaitė presented the first part of the project entitled “Bones and Sediments” at Artifex Gallery, while in 2021 the second part “Lines and Folds” was presented at Atletika Gallery.

Reflecting on the political and social tensions in the world in recent years, Jurga Barilaitė has presented an exhibition exploring possible survival strategies. The bottom in the exhibition not only symbolises the absolute end, but also becomes a starting point, where the deposited sludge reflects the continuity of life and reminds us of the constant change. The process of decomposition in the sludge and the disappearance of light in the darkest matter inspires the artist to look for a neutral perspective on the negative political changes on a global level. Faced with problems that encompass the whole of humanity, Jurga Barilaitė discovers their solutions in dreams and, with the help of artificial intelligence, constructs an “instruction manual” for the salvation of humanity.

Jurga Barilaitė (b. 1972) is an interdisciplinary artist, painter and creator of assemblages, texts, performances and video art. Her work is based on a critical approach to the tradition of painting and its discourse, reflections on the identity of the artist and the nature of creativity, as well as the highlighting of the feminist construct. Barilaitė’s ideas are often based on autobiographical details, scientific theories, images from art history or pop culture. Since graduating from the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1996, she has been working on interdisciplinary projects and actively participating in exhibitions. Since 1998, Jurga Barilaitė has been a member of the Lithuanian Union of Interdisciplinary Artists.

Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, UAB „Ecoservice“.