Eglė Lekevičiūtė creates interactive and site-specific installations, which invite the spectator to participate in the process and create an artwork together – each different and unique, depending on the participant’s contribution, emotions, sensations. The artist creates nontraditional, seemingly unrecognizable space while using and forming light and its unexpected, surprising movement. By forming this artificial space the artist suggests looking at the surrounding environment in a different way and rethinking and questioning which surface is visible and which is invisible (or unheard).

At the exhibition “Surface” the artist creates a two-space narrative which will open up on one condition ­– if the viewer himself participates.The exhibition questions the meaning of “surface” for anyone who is surrounded by technology and a fast living environment. It also questions how visual surface overshadows what’s beneath nowadays. How often do we trust our first impressions? Could it be that we are closing the doors for the most important things by not making an effort to look beyond? Maybe those things are under the surface for a reason – for someone who stops for a moment and tries to understand them better. Perhaps to discover them, we need someone else’s help.

Both (AV17) gallery spaces are connected in the viewer’s mind where under the surface lurks invisible but loud and vivid sensations. If we want them to be visible or heard, we just have to be brave and try to wake them up inside us. The key is the viewer’s communication with himself and his inner voices. We probably assume that they exist but do we try to hear them? The exhibition “Surface” talks about the surface (the first impression) and something which lies beneath it (the real situation) and how those two can exchange places in the presence of an additional element.

Eglė Lekevičiūtė (b. 1987) graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts where she gained Master’s degree in Photography and Media. The artist has worked with youth at Vilnius Children and Youth Art School. She creates interactive installation, scenography, photography, video projects in various environments. As of now, she has organized four personal exhibitions and participated in three group exhibitions in Lithuania. E. Lekevičiūtė is currently a memberof the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.