(AV17) gallery together with the Vilnius Academy of Arts Faculty of Telšiai Metal Plastic Department presented the Metal arts and Jewellery studio students works exhibition “STEP BY STEP”.

“STEP BY STEP” – an exhibition where the first strong steps of students towards refinement of a professionalism and distinctive creative style are presented. This exhibition is a captured section of journey towards self-knowledge that is completely different and unique to each of the exhibition participants. Different young people are connected by one school, general rules and interests, but it does not unify their creativity – the individuality of each author is subtly revealed. The exhibition “STEP BY STEP” – is a perfect reflection of the youngest contemporary jewelry in Lithuania.

In 1939, during the development of the independent Lithuanian economy, culture and education, the metalworking department was opened at the Telšiai School of Crafts (established in 1931). Through historical development the school’s name and status has been changing: crafts, handicrafts, art school, technical school of applied arts, college of applied arts. In 1998 it reached for a higher level of university education and successfully joined the Vilnius Art Academy, becoming its integral part. School has long traditions and experience in training applied arts professionals, because nowadays the younger generation artists who have studied at Vilnius Art Academy teach here. The school curriculum is based on the principle of craft + idea, i.e., by harmony of conceptuality and artistic professionalism. Here academic knowledge is given, specialty basics are taught, craft basics – acquired, the focus is put on the knowledge of the old unique blacksmith and jewellery technologies. In later stages of education student sense of identity, creativity, and social integrity are being developed. Conditions are given for students to create jewellery, objects of jewellery, small plastic, blacksmith and installations, and to develop art projects, performances. The school is open to the world art trends, is constantly evolving, acquiring more and new forms of expression through development of relevant and into contemporary culture integrated artistic projects. In the Faculty of Telšiai experimental laboratories, creative practices are being organized, projects – developed, and there are collaborations with artists from Lithuania and abroad.

One of the main objectives of (AV17) gallery remains to present young, talented and conceptual artists to Lithuanian and foreign society. Long-term cooperation with lecturers and students from VAA Faculty of Telšiai Department of metal plastic inspired to open exclusive students of Metal Art and Jewellery studio works exhibition “STEP BY STEP”, where small plastic works, art objects and jewelry were presented.