Incompleteness was the motif for the manifestation and existence of the works, presented in this exhibition. The author directed himself not towards the delivery of works as final results of the creative process, but rather towards highlighting them as the development of constant ideas and creative potential. ”When an object does not have a planned or imagined ending for its manifestation, many opportunities present themselves within it”, said the exhibition’s author.

The works presented in the exhibition: assemblages and sculptural compositions, reflect urban and natural materials through their materialism and semantics. The images of a shifting city, its signs that are appearing and disappearing, are being constructed and deconstructed by the artist in an effort to reveal the motifs of incompleteness in the context of a city’s landscape. Layers, left behind by the changing times, the overload of images and information, are reflected in the works by breaking the creation’s formation process and allowing the charm of the from-to moment to reveal itself. One of the recurring topics in the artist’s creation – nature – is being opposed to urbanization in the exhibition, nonetheless, distance is maintained, remaining in the role of an observer. The usual progress of the natural world, its cyclic nature, is contrasted to the thing-based world being created by man, its chaos. By utilizing nature as a primal motive, the author raises a fundamental question considering the essence of things, as well as the world man has created for themselves.

Dainius Trumpis graduated with a master’s degree in painting from Siauliu university and studied at TAIK university in Finland. Since 2009 he is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association. D. Trumpis harmonizes different forms of artistic expression in his work, such as painting, sculpture, and object art, creates assemblages, sculptural compositions, and pictures. Social, psychological and philosophical topics are often analyzed in his work. The creative inspirations of the artist encompass a wide range, which includes various global events and realities. The author’s travel experiences, different cultural and geographical contexts are also frequently reflected.