Ulvi Haagensen was born in 1964 in Australia and grew up in the Estonian community in Sydney. In 1985 she obtained a Bachelor of Arts from City Art Institute, Sydney and in 2001 a Master of Fine Arts Degree at the College of Fine Art, University of NSW. Haagensen has had over ten solo exhibitions in Estonia and Australia. She has exhibited at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, several exhibitions at Defiance Gallery in Sydney (Australia), the Central House of Artists in Moscow (Russia) and in many other group exhibitions. Ulvi Haagensen’s works are included in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, England and Estonia. The artist currently lives in Tallinn where she is a lecturer at the Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Ulvi Haagensen’s work can be characterized as having high aesthetic and ideological quality and a unique technique. By capturing daily events, she uses sculpture, collage and painting. Objects developed in space, highlighted contours, the play of shadows, repeating motifs – these are the main features of her oeuvre. Ulvi Haagensen continually focuses on drawing as a process through which she rediscovers and learns about the world around her. She especially delves into the specifics of creating an artwork, through which she reveals the philosophy of her practice.

The exhibition “Everyday” will present works and installations created specifically for this exhibition. Ulvi Haagensen’s exhibition “Everyday” straddles the grey area between drawing, sculpture and illusion. She explores her interests in the everyday and the domestic by playing with 2D and 3D forms of expression. At the exhibition “Everyday” motifs from everyday life are used, but they are delivered in a non-traditional form. Surrounding the viewer in the exhibition space, simple welded steel lines create the effect of quiet waiting, as if from a paused narrative. By developing this state in the viewer, the artist offers an opportunity to stop and consider everyday life. Through recognizable lines and shapes the artist examines relevant topics and applies her original technique to explore the boundaries between sculpture and drawing.