While studying a physical oceanography at the University of Gdansk, A. Wolski discovered such an extraordinary material as amber (the author calls this discovery “love at the first sight”). Since that his self-taught travel towards the mastery of jewellery art has started. While making jewellery and design objects, the artist is not afraid to experiment and vary with different materials: he uses precious metals – gold and silver – powder coated steel, paper and plastic, polyamide, glass, as well amber, various stones and corals. A. Wolski’s creation work is known not only in the homeland or on European level, but also beyond the continental borders – in the USA and Australia.

Treating making of jewelery as a dualistic practice, A. Wolski is constantly balancing on the edge of design – artifact. However, for him an equal value and artistic satisfaction provide both, the creation process of commercial, based on consumer use product and the creation of art defined object. According to the author, both categories demands wide range of knowledge, passion and toil. The primary purpose in creating for him is the opportunity to express himself – and the artist perceives it in both fields.

At the exhibition Definition Issue there is presented the palette of A. Wolski’s works, multicolored and with astonishing diversity of artistic works. However, the author’s creative field is not devided by classifying it into the artistic categories. At the exhibition the artist’s creation work is highlighted as one indivisible whole, where the only category is the author.