Karolina Bik is a young jeweller, coming from southern Poland. Artist, who acquired the specialty in jewelry design in Edinburgh, traveled around the world and has been evaluated there and now she will present her work to Vilnius audience. A few years ago the artist has started a different kind of activities – she founded her own studio, where develops both a conceptual jewellery exhibitions, as well as projects.

Once the author’s mother said that her fascination with jewellery began in an old German cradle, when a grandmother gave a red ash beads to her granddaughter. Karolina cherishes them up to today, believing that once they will become a part of new work. The artist herself defines her bond with jewellery in a single word – love.

Karolina draws inspiration from nature. Her works are filled with life energy, and after taking colours, shapes and details from nature, the artist transforms them into the language of jewellery. The author’s work examines the connection with the human body, wearer and viewer relationship with each other, with ourselves and with the object. In her own creations Karolina wants to reveal to the audience the needs of nature, encourage them to discover during the modern times lost connection with it.

The idea of ​​this exhibition comes from the author’s reflections on the initial chaos of the earth, later – a diversified unity, and finally, on the nostalgia behind the initial chaos. Karolina Bik invites you to the journey of the beginning of everything. Her works are inspired by life itself, like well-known truism that seems to be forgotten these days. Life on this planet is enriched by diversity and constantly express the same code – never assimilate. The artist reminds the viewer – each of us is one and only, unique. Our understanding of beauty is inspired by the harmony of nature. This harmony exists in the natural equilibrium, balancing between order and disorder, which can be observed in trees, mountains or clouds.

The exhibition “Chaos” is based on the artist’s work main motto: there is no identical creation of the nature therefore there are no duplicates in Karolina Bik works. That will be the kind of jewellery displayed in this exhibition – such, which comes from natural chaos.