During intensive five years (AV17) gallery had presented more than half a hundred contemporary sculpture, jewellery, painting, photography shows by Lithuanian and foreign artists, had initiated many international exchange projects, artist competitions and art education programs. “Behind the Scenes” crowned the entire active and creative period of the gallery’s life. The idea of the exhibition has been inspired not only by all those gained achievements, but also, by things that have been left unimplemented or simply unsaid. Therefore this time the show focused on the “behind the scenes” remaining, unseen and private artists’ creative archive. The exposition included works by twelve well-known Lithuanian and foreign contemporary artists.

Exhibitions held at the gallery usually are finished, well- balanced products yet they only partly reflect artists’ daily creative work and interests. These at the backstage hidden artworks brought into the daylight will reveal the unseen and different side of the artists and the presenting gallery. Although letting public to the backstage could be risky, therefore in this exhibition it was a consciously chosen strategy that allowed the gallery to establish a closer and more intimate connection with a spectator.

The visitors at the exhibition had an opportunity to see performative video works by German artists Gisbert and Rose Stach, “modified” casual objects by sculptor and designer Vitalis Čepkauskas, witty interactive installation by Germany- based Lithuanian artist Kęstutis Svirnelis, ready-made objects and installations by young sculptors Tauras Kensminas and Jonas Aničas, and the wide range of artworks from private artists’ studios archives by Nerijus Erminas, Adrius Erminas, Rimantas Milkintas, Algis Kasparavičius, Algimantas Kensminas and Rafal Piesliak.