Between March and April Gallery (AV17) is organizing a project “Everyday Objects in Art ”, which will take place at the Marijampolė, Vilkaviškis, Prienai, and Kalvarijos Cultural Centers. This is a cycle of creative workshops for 12 – to 16-year-old students allowing them to get directly involved with the basic principles of creating contemporary art. The project focuses on cognition and promoting the interest in contemporary art in smaller Lithuanian cities. In regions further from the main cities, there is often a lack of professional contemporary art events, so these creative workshops are designed to reduce cultural exclusion and to educate and train students through hands-on activities.

(AV17) gallery stands out from the others by aiming to exclusively present the art of a contemporary object, sculpture, and installation. Its main goal is to popularize contemporary art among different audiences and to stimulate its understanding and interest through various creative and relevant methods for a modern person. The activities of the project “Everyday Objects in Art” are focused on the knowledge of sculpture, object, installation, and body art. Therefore, during the educational sessions the ready-made, which is often used in sculpture, is emphasized. This creative media as a method of self-expression at the same time reflects on consumer culture, promotes consciousness, and provides ecological subtle.

Participants at the creative workshops will take part in educational activities, discussions, movie viewings, and practical activities with famous Lithuanian artists and pedagogues: Jolita Vaitkutė, Marija Šnipaitė, Simonas Nekrošius, Neringa Zakarauskaitė, and  Alberta Saukaitytė. Installation, illustration, and portrait artist, Jolita Vaitkutė, utilizes food and found objects to recreate imagery from pop culture and political discourse. The use of these mediums is an allusion to a constantly changing world and its ecosystem. Because of that, during the sessions, she will teach students a new different point of view on everyday objects. The works of the sculptor Marija Šnipaitė are often influenced by everyday rituals, and literary works, in which narratives are often based on a chaotic network of associations. She with the students will explore the compositions of spatial bodies and their perception of the environment. By comparing familiar, personal objects with different materials, pupils will look for unique associations and construct sculptures as stories. Sound art, audio sculpture, installation, and object artist, Simonas Nekrošius, with the participants are going to construct their own instruments with which they will experiment exploring sound and trying to develop different tones and consonants. Illustrator, designer, and multimedia artist, Neringa Zakarauskaitė, will give a theoretical lecture about modern sculpture, object, sustainable art, and the concepts of ready-made, famous artists utilizing it and their artwork. While educator, and performance artist Alberta Saukaitytė together with the students will seak to unleash creativity and thinking through movement. Her main artistic motive is the body, turned into a symbolic object in the mundane. The freeing of movement is going to become the main manner of expression and emancipation. 

The project is partially funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council.