Džiugas Šukys is a new-generation sculptor and video installation artist. The starting point of his works is the category of weight, a mass unit that encompasses not only form, but also its relations with the surroundings. The external appearance of Šukys’s sculptures is reminiscent of the modern Lithuanian sculpture tradition and the minimalistic movement, yet they are often conceptual. His artistic practice is defined by resisting gravity and fighting physically invincible bodies. The repetition of destructive monotonic actions and the impossibility of change create a Sisyphus-like feeling of absurdity and a specific aesthetic of “not-happening”. Uncomfortable and illogical situations are created within the author’s relationship to weight and the objects’ interaction. However, only traces of fruitless attempt are left in the end. In each of his artworks, the artist progressively rethinks new possibilities of dealing with his own created tasks. Šukys’s sculptures and installations are often complemented by video recordings in which the artist himself becomes the protagonist. An intuitive outlook on the world and a subjectified depiction of personal experience is significant to the artist as well as participating in a ceaseless process of search.