Exhibition “The Break” covers objects of different expressions that respond to one of the most important sculptural forms – the diversity of contemporary sculptural objects. The presented works reflect the transition of paths from figurative forms reminiscent of the aesthetics of modernist sculpture to contemporary motifs that give meaning to global problems. The themes of the objects include social, societal contexts, subjective, existential themes, and formal aspects of the work related to the problems of construction of the form of sculpture. The works are also united by a common choice of steel as the material of the sculptural object, thus demonstrating various techniques of sculpture creation: casting, bending steel, cutting steel beams, or even using the material to create a sound installation.

The presented artists come from different generations, Tauras Kensminas and Jonas Aničas – sculptors who graduated from  Vilnius Academy of Arts a few years ago, and Rimantas Milkintas and Rafal Piesliak – well-known artists already established in the Lithuanian art scene. These authors are united by conceptual work, which seeks new forms of expression in the art of sculpture. Therefore, this exhibition invites to get acquainted with the tendencies of Lithuanian contemporary sculpture and at the same time to rethink possible variations of the material in order to convey the unique meanings of the works.

The (AV17) gallery, which presents the exhibition, is a space that has been actively working with contemporary art for nine years, one of the few galleries operating in Lithuania, presenting exclusively contemporary object, sculpture, and installation art. In addition to regular exhibition activities, the gallery implements various international and regional artistic and educational projects, carries out exchange programs with foreign and Lithuanian creators, thus promoting the dissemination of contemporary art in our country and in Europe.

The exhibition in Chaimas Frenkelis villa (Vilniaus str. 74, Šiauliai) will be open until September 25th.

The project is funded by Šiauliai city municipality.