Gallery (AV17) is representing Lithuanian contemporary sculptors for the fifth time at the POSITIONS art fair in Berlin from September 15 to 18. This is one of the most important art events in Germany, taking place during the Berlin Art Week, bringing together collectors, curators, art professionals, and lovers. This year, 88 galleries from 20 countries are participating in the fair. POSITIONS art fair visitors have the opportunity to see and purchase the works of sculpture and installation creators Rafal Piesliak, Andrius Erminas, and Marija Šnipaitė.

Rafal Piesliak is a conceptual sculptor who creates spatial installations and objects using various sources of light. In sculptor’s works, such as “Backbone”, where one particular element is excluded and emphasized, social and interpersonal problems are often recognized. Everyday sources of light are often used by the artist as tools to depict the emotional state as well as to transform the atmosphere. Such artworks introduced in the exhibition like “Stroke” and “About the Symbol”, lets light shine through intriguing end expressive forms, exploring their relationship with material and shape. Through his artwork, the artist explores the connection of person’s mental and emotional states with their surroundings as well as creates a unique experience for the viewer.

Artist Andrius Erminas is well known for his sensitive and associative objects of sculpture and installations. Some of the most important creative principles employed by the artist include the use of references, constructed narratives, and transformation of old and easily recognizable everyday objects and materials into new symbolic sculptural pieces. The series “Cross Section” depicts the delicate marginal states of being that are revealed through showing the inside structures. The cross-section is to be understood as a thin line dividing matter and the subconscious experience of a person, allowing to discover the dialectical bonds, reflecting such opposing notions as life and death, culture and nature, past and present.

Marija Šnipaitė’s creative process consists of searching for various links between everyday rituals and co-cultural as well as visual experiences. The reflections of these connections turn into spatial structures, their forms giving up their customary functions and usual materiality. By using materials like dry palm leaves to create “Day-to-day”, she delicately depicts sometimes unnoticeable, but necessary routines. The artist’s works, like “The Night Is Too Long”, often do not have a restricted form, which gives them a surreal, dream-like feeling. Šnipaitė’s works are heavily affected by culture like literature or cinema: for example, installation “Whisper” is inspired by road movies, where the landscape becomes one of the main protagonists. Her works are balancing in an attempt to remain abstract, and at the same time to be identified and recognized by the viewer.


POSITIONS art fair

(AV17)  gallery booth C11

Tempelhof Airport Hangar 5-6, Columbiadamm 10, Berlin


The project was partly supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.