In the exhibition “Ways Out” (AV17) gallery presented the latest works by sculpture and installation artist Algis Kasparavičius. Exposition was formed from unseen, newest and in other spaces already presented artworks and sculptures. The artist pays great attention to the interaction between the work of art and the environment, so every time his installations look different and adapt to the characteristics and objects of the new space.

The sculpture installations at this exhibition can be described as scenes from the fictional past or future events that were created by the artist. For perception and meaning of these works, time plays a significant role. The author has created this exhibition while thinking about a human life as limited and dependent on time. He seeks to capture the different time flashes, which were experienced at important moments of life. During these flashes, a person can see the reflections of the future in the present, i.e. one knows, what is going to happen later. In this way the temporality of human life is defeated and the moment opens to divine eternity. In these installations the author explores not just the event as it is, but also seeks to affect the human sense of time. In this case, he consciously confuses this sense. Due to these artistic strategies artist erases the usual sense and circumstances of time, so it is more difficult for the viewer to determine the sequence of event.

The title of the exhibition “Ways out” is also important. The way out – is a solution, adopted in a given situation, but also a mental or physical transition. In the exhibition the artist emphasizes the second meaning of this word – spiritual or mental moving in time. “Ways out” are the contemplation of the described flashes and also the attempt to come to peace with inevitably running time.

Algis Kasparavičius graduated Vilnius Art Academy in 2005. Since 2000 he actively participates and makes both personal and group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. In 2012 artist was granted with national stipendium for culture and art. Kasparavičius works in sculpture and installation field, in his works he explores human emotional and mental world also the relationship with the surrounding environment. Algis Kasparavičius uses non-traditional materials and mediums, he works with concrete, textile, steel and industrial materials.