The jewelry works of Ugne Blazyte and Danas Tamasauskas are characterized by the natural, organic forms, delicate aesthetic and Baltic symbolic. This time the jewelry creators transgress the well known field and present the installation “Transmutations”. Full of archaic symbols it reminds about the ancient perception of the world and environment. Because of the signs the installation becomes a special action-ritual where the symbol is the path to unlock all the implied meanings. In this case transmutation is an action, which begins with the vanishing of an old cycle and ends with the rise and fortification of the new one. The most important transmutations in human life is the birth, wedding and death. Being able to apprehend the abilities of transmutation brings back the meaning and essentiality to life. Transmutation happens when the subject becomes the witness of important process or event between people, human and time, human and nature. And of course between the art piece and spectator.

In his exhibition “ĀUSTRAS DWARRIS* Light Comes from the Corner”, architect and painter Mantas Maziliauskas accommodates the old cellar space with newly created objects. By this action the new step of existence is given to the old historical basement. Art pieces and spectators of the exhibition will create a totally new and unique history of the space. The art pieces are exposed using only the natural day lightening and avoiding any kind of artificial one. The white color art pieces – objects and paints create their own unique atmosphere of light and the dawn. They also reflect the time flow and its stopping moment the artists works can be generally characterized by. Newly transformated space presupposes ideas about the existence, light and darkness categories, natural and artificial confrontation in humans life. Also it encourages to reflect on transmutations, the ones you can see and those you can just feel or presage.


* “ Gates of  Dawn” (The Chapel of Our Lady – in Vilnius, Lithuania) in Prussian language

Professional jewellery artist Ugnė Blažytė and Danas Tamašaukas are working together since 2010. Degree in Jewellery Danas Tamašauskas gained in Kaunas School of Applied Art, Lithuania. Ugnė Blažytė graduated from Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania. Artists actively participate and arrange solo and group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad (USA, Spain, Russia etc.) In 2012 Danas Tamšauskas won the Ist prize in metal art contest “Conections”, Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2005 Ugnė Blažytė was awarded NORD LB/ Lithuania Bank prize for originality and modern ideas in contemporary jewellery.


Mantas Maziliauskas – architect and painter. Artist also creates sculpture, objects, paintings, photomontage etc. He also directs the architectural studio of children and youth “Architecture. From the sense to the Key”. Artist arranges solo and participates in group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad ( Latvia, Ukraine, The Netherlands etc). Mantas Maziliauskas also created and associated in creation of various architecture objects (“Wooden cube”. The best implementation of the house in Lithuania (1st place). Authors – Mantas ir Martynas Maziliauskai. 2007.; Nida artist colony. Centre of Education and Arts. 1st place. Authors – M. Maziliauskas, G. Jankauskas, R.Gritėnas, Vilnius-Nida; 2008; Contest for the National Museum of Norway. Project “O”. Mantas Maziliauskas and  group “m-pjūvis”, Olso, Norway, 2009.