Seven years reflection of continuous project by Petras Saulėnas was presented in his solo exhibition  ”Postcard. 2005-2012 (7)”. In the exhibition visitors were be able to take a look at pinhole photography technique that is used for motivated recording of different cities in Europe like Rokiškis, Druskininkai, Alytus, Kaunas, Vilnius, Nida, Birmingham, Venice, Bruges, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam. The exhibition presented 12 photographs of 12 different cities, which tells the story of the city through the author’s personal prism.
Individually perceiving and interpreting spatial articulation, Petras Saulėnas turns to the city’s, as a messages, reading discourse. City notionally defined by combining sometimes spatially quite distant objects, broken up time moments caught by using he’s handmade wooden pinhole camera. Images of locations lays on one plate makes chaotic urban associations, which constructs new connections, while ignoring trajectories formed by time and space.