Mindaugas Junčys is a sculptor who started exhibiting before the graduation of the university. After completing master studies at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Mindaugas participated in different exhibitions in Latvia, Germany. In Estonia he won the first place in the international fire sculpture contest.

All the sculptures of the exhibition “One Criteria” were created under a single criterion – beauty. Artworks express an ironic approach to the creation of beauty just for the sake of beauty itself. Working with materials like stone, marble or bronze requires considerable time and energy costs in order to achieve the desired result, but does the result of all this worth it? Maybe all this is more like a futile work of Sisyphus, what the author does not consider like negative aspect, he claims that it gives even more ironic spice to the works. The exhibition provokes viewers to ask, if all what is beautiful is beautiful? Artworks provoking issues are associated with the beauty, art and kitsch categories.