In the exhibition five elements correlates: hive, stilts and constituents which connect them – line, its blue colour and scent of melting wax. Hive which has particular ritual, family, home meanings in this context is unsignified, even undressed while using deconstruction, laid down on the ground. Stilts are like some aerobic, circus, carnival attributes which are subdued for eternal slavery. Without search of beauty and shape, stilts shout out to viewer: “Just don’t fall!” Reaching up, the cross reminding evolvents of hives, oppressive smell of wax – it is all like sacrament in desacred context. Line – continuation and mark at the same time. All objects come from one and are marked as one.

Andrius Erminas discovers new shapes as continuation of the old ones. Author adopts found (or maybe bought) objects (hives, stilts) and uses them for his own purposes. This appropriation transfers domestic objects to the field of art that is why new sceneries, meanings and contexts confront. Adopted things already have their own, not known by anybody (just predictable) trace of story.