(AV17) gallery presents the exhibition “Human Factor. Carousel” by sculpture and installation artist Andrius Erminas. This exhibition is part of the two – year art project and exhibition series “Human Factor”. Human factor can be described as human individual characteristics, which influence psychological, cultural or technical processes of life. Until recently artist has explored the influence of human factor for artist’s individual decisions, which are connected to particular works, sculptures and objects. Artist aimed to reflect the conceptions of individuality and authorship, the impact of unsuccessful – successful decisions on works in his artworks. During this project artist collaborated with his colleagues sculptors: Nerijus Erminas and Rimantas Milkintas. Exhibitions “Human Factor” were presented at contemporary art fair “ArtVilnius 2011“, Exhibition Hall of Klaipėda Culture Communication Center (2011), “Si:said” gallery (Klaipėda, 2013).

The main topic of Andrius Erminas exhibition “Human Factor. Carousel” is “celebration”. At AV17 gallery artist presents individual approach to the celebration and festive events, reflects the concept of celebration and its’ meaning, also studies festive entertainment in the context of contemporary culture. Celebration today is a social event, where people can take pleasure, meet each other, gather, communicate and relax. There are many different kinds of celebrations and the form of the event depends on its’ purpose, organizers and circumstances. Sculpture objects in the exhibition can be seen as references to easily recognizable symbols and become polysemantic installations. Artist ironically uses festive attributes, symbols and shows how contemporary consumerist culture and even individual context can change the celebration or distort its’ primary form. The artist finds the relation between unusual gallery spaces and objects of the exhibition very essential.

Andrius Erminas (b. 1971) is a sculpture, object and installation artist, who lives and works in Vilnius. Artist has graduated studies in sculpture at Vilnius Academy of Arts. In 2010 he got the award “For Innovation” in the annual exhibition of Paper art in 2010 (gallery “Amateras”, Sofia, Bulgaria) also diploma for “The Most Remarkable Object of the Year 2009″, in the exhibition “Sculpture of the year 2009” (St. Jono street gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania). In 2012 artist was granted with national stipendium for culture and art. Andrius Erminas actively participates in various group, solo- exhibitions and international also local art projects.