Sandra Malaškevičiūtė – a jeweler of the younger generation, who has participated in more than 30 exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Sandra Malaškevičiūtė has presented her work on more than one group exhibition at the (AV17) gallery, therefore artists work should be recognized by regular gallery visitors.

Jewelry created by Sandra Malaškevičiūtė – is organic and conceptual art pieces, which can be characterized by distinctive style and professionalism in the contemporary Lithuanian jewelry scene. The author’s works stand out in both original and vivacious ideas as well as in unusual work material – an organic glass. Working with organic glass is Sandra’s Malaškevičiūtė’s unique touch; you may observe how in the author’s hands this material develops different forms and shapes. The author is not limited to only jewelry – she also creates small plastic objects, connecting organic glass with other materials.

According to the author, exhibition “Hair on the Paddle” – is a surrealist nature trip, which name was born while going down the river and seeing the paddles enlaced with water grass.During the exhibition the collection of natural objects will be presented: grass tunnels, concrete stems, time cones, rainbow, teeth beads, canned knobs, and green hair…