(AV17) GALLERY has the honour to present the jubilee jewellery exhibition “Golden Creations”. This exhibition presents professors’ (Andrzej Boss, Andrzej Szadkowski), assistants’ (Ewa Effenberg, Olga Podfilipska- Krysińska, Sergiusz Kuchczyński, Jarosław Kolec, Marcin Nowak) and postgraduates’ (Dorota Sokołowska, Ewa Diuczko) of Lodz Art Academy Department of Jewellery creations to mark the 50-years Jubilee of the designing the jewellery in Art Academy in Lodz. After being exhibited in various Europe countries and well known in Poland exhibition “Golden Creations” came in Lithuania. In exhibition you can get to know with “design school” of Lodz, which by cherishing deep traditions of jewellery design surprises with conceptual and innovative decisions. It is the presentation of the achievements of people who proved, in their creation, that jewellery is one of the “fine arts”, equal to painting and sculpture.

One of the most outstanding figure of the school was Wladyslaw Strzeminski (1893-1952), heir of artistic and pedagogical ideas of the Bahaus and Casimir Malevich (1878-1935). Strzeminski’s influence can still be felt at the Academy and in the output of young artists. His idea was art, which was to revolutionize the world and affect daily life. He was the founder of Lodz vanguard movement, “revolutionary artists”, visionary and intellectual. Since 1987 Wladyslaw Strzeminski has been the patron of Lodz Academy, which has continued his ideas and creative passion until the present day.

50 years ago Lena Kowalewicz-Wegner established the Studio of Jewellery Design at this school, which was the focal point of the Lodz jewellery art community. This faculty is the only academic faculty in Poland specializing in this field. Wide spectrum education encourages open thinking, develops artistic sensitivity and helps to find individual viewpoint. Special attention is put into originality of design and high quality of craft. The works are executed while using both classical and innovative materials and methods. Constant participation in jewellery contests and many earned awards in Poland and abroad by students and graduates of this academy only approves the high level education.

Gold Creations is an exceptional exhibition, which illustrates the process of transformations observed in jewellery as an art phenomenon from late sixties until nowadays. This exhibition presents the history of the Polish goldsmith art in the region of Lodz, its transformation and evolution. The most outstanding heir, Professor Andrzej Szadkowski and the present Head of Department – Professor Andrzej Boss, together with the present faculty staff members, cultivate ideas of their great forerunners who create an important education center for artists-goldsmiths. Gold Creations, as presented today, prove that tradition and premise of the “Lodz design school” were not forgotten and educate further generations of outstanding artists.