This artistic duet of Vitalis Čepkauskas and Povilas Čepkauskas had already held an exhibition in 2015 but this time they are presented as two professional independent authors, representing their own subjective views and personal positions under one exhibition title – “Conversation”. This exhibition is a result of continuous unpretentious father–son dialogue about contemporary art, culture, morality and existential interpretations. Two art worlds from different generations meet in the exhibition halls, subjective artistic universes that inspire and criticize each other, that get separated and embrace each other again. That kind of conversations, discussions help to improve and maintain constant change and dynamic, which, according to the artists, is needed for artistic evolution.

Authors’ works are presented in witty playful manner, ironically contradicting to the idea of an art that serves to express contemporary social issues or different ideologies. Revealing the artists’ inner worlds and personal experiences, exhibited works became incarnations of expressed individual creative energy and matter in current time. In this creative play, the authors seek to transform the perception of an artistic object. The established norms of artwork presentation are disobeyed, graphic technique is used in volume, recognizable household objects are transformed into unexpected artistic objects and assemblages. Gallery spaces are liberated from the “established scheme” exhibition display and a special ambience is created, where the viewer is embraced into ongoing artistic dialogue. The exhibition becomes a scope, where revolutionary artists deny any prior expectations and propose to observe art from a different perspective.

Vitalis Čepkauskas is a talented contemporary artist, an author of unconventional sculptures and installations and a designer of experimental fashion. Collages, paintings and authentic, in ironical manner constructed surreal toys are distinguished with combinations of popart, dada and high art – the contrasting manner that is artist’s exceptional feature. Works reflect existential pursuance, explore memory, transience, life – mortality cycle, artistic creativity themes. The author has had more than thirty personal exhibitions in Lithuania, France and the United States, he actively participates in group exhibitions and fashion festivals in Lithuania and abroad.

The young artist Povilas Čepkauskas in 2016 graduated from the graphic communication design studies at Vilnius College of Design. In his works he combines different artistic languages and explores the meanings created in their interactions. Creations are intertwined with author’s familiar creative fields: graphic design, photography, music, tattoo and object art. Povilas draws his creative inspiration in philosophy, psychoanalysis. In 2016 Povilas Čepkauskas was awarded for the most creative junior publishing specialist in the annual Lithuanian Printing Industry Association awards.