Justė Venclovaitė creates visual tasks and riddles with her works, which direct the viewer to examined issues of semiotics and linguistics. Through her created or borrowed from daily environment items the artist questions their meanings in different cultural contexts. The unifying theme of this exhibition – “Adaptations” – invites us to reflect the surrounding environment, its meaningful signs and adaptation to it with both the body and the internal state.

At the exhibition J. Venclovaitė will present works, that hesitate values of materialistic human world and questions the representations of various categories. One of the returning themes in the artist’s creations reflecting this doubt is portrayal of natural and human worlds. The collision of these two worlds creates circumstances for different variations of “Adaptations” to occur, which are represented at the exhibition. Adaptation to the seemingly unnecessary and redundant conditions in some cases creates uncertainty and a sense of props, in other cases it highlights certain invisible laws of the world surrounding us. The exhibition connecting motive reveals the multiplicity of author depicted situations and stresses that at the moment of adaptation we begin to experience and understand the environment in which we live and act. Works featured at the exhibition balance between reality and feelings of a dream, which, as the artist says, are the “visual reflections of the corners of mind lighted by one of the larger fears: that there is nothing special in them, only the same situations repeating in different contexts.” At the exhibition “Adaptations” the artist will display art objects and video films.

Justė Venclovaitė (born 1988), who graduated sculpture Bachelor in Vilnius Academy of art and visual culture Master in Aalto University in Finland, combines art of object, installation and video in her works. Since 2007 participates in group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Creator has presented her works at exhibitions in Finland, Portugal, the United States as well as in Contemporary art center and ”Vartai” Gallery in Vilnius.