Rafal Piesliak is a sculptor, who earned his bachelor’s degree in Vilnius Academy of Arts. Starting exhibiting back in 2003, he successfully continues by participating in and preparing exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. In the author’s interests field one of the first positions is occupied by space, its disclosure that is why Rafal Piesliak has built more than one scenography for theater. Author is not limited to traditional sculpture plastic expressions, and light or exhibition space itself often becomes his work material.

Rafal Piesliak – member of sculptors conceptualists younger generation. In recent years with his work he explores the relationship of human well-being and emotions with his surroundings. In this case – the gallery space. By coming to the space the author changes, re-reconfigures space form and substance state as much as possible. The author claims that the objects in his work hold no individual significances themselves, while their totality serves as a tool for building exhibition visitor’s new experience. It seems that objects holding no logical relationship between each other work incredibly meaningfully, and after dissociating yourself from new feelings experience gained in the exhibition, links connecting objects can be seen.

With the exhibition “The Man Who Did Not See the Horizon” Rafal Piesliak does not seek the impression of unity and completeness, his main goal – to discontinue beautifully laid out exhibition visitor’s feelings and emotions and to make them dance in the art space in yet unknown ways. By his works the author tries to liven up the work of art cognition road usual for art perceiver. It is an exhibition, where a special relationship between art and the perceiver is born. The ongoing manipulative act creates a new work – the circuit of emotions. Author by using his works tries to derive man from the comfort zone, for this reason he uses his own built lighting, mirrors, small, visually deceptive objects. Discontinuous relations of cognitive perception serve the purpose of the exhibition – the disclosure of despair sense lying in the name.

The name of exhibition “The Man Who Did Not See the Horizon” – a fairly clear suggestion to something inexperienced, and at the same time a call to “familiarize” with impossible last coverage instance of sight – the horizon.