(AV17) gallery has the honour to present international conceptual jewellery exhibition DREAMSCAPE.

In DREAMSCAPE exhibition four different Baltic States schools of jewellery unite. This intriguing exhibition reveals not only the thematic essence of the DREAMSCAPE, but also the distinction of Baltic States jewellery art. Here the audience will be able to take a look at the embodiments of various visions and expressions of dreams by different artists. Thus the visions which could have been seen by artist while he was working on one or other object often may seem incredible. This exhibition is like disclosure of individual secrets, sphere of personal intuitions and dreams. It makes this exhibition exceptional, differs it from other expositions by approaching works to the ethereal space.

One of the participant countries Lithuanian Jewellery and metal smith speciality in Telšiai has built up a fair experience and history.  Established in 1931 today it is still the only one jewellery art school (VAA Telšiai faculty of arts, Department of metal plastic) in Lithuania. This department strongly and without a doubt is related to Tallinn jewellery tradition – many of jewellery professors at Telšiai faculty graduated there.  Hereby consistent technical and artistic knowledge of jewellery art and unique, minimal jewellery design which is inherent to north countries from Estonia were brought to Lithuania. Probably the strongest in the Baltic States Estonian jewellery school distinguish for specific (special/extraordinary) curriculum which encourages combining professional skills with contemporary conceptual thinking. The strong side of Estonian Academy of Arts jewellery faculty was determined also by the fact that during soviet times it was the only one working higher education school of metal art – many were appealed to study there then.

In exhibition DREAMSCAPE 34 artists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland will present miscellaneous works made with unbridled fantasy. Lithuania in exhibition will be represented by most famous artists: Beata Zdramytė, Karina Kazlauskaitė, Akvilė Glinskytė, Jurgita Erminaitė – Šimkuvienė, Eglė Čėjauskaitė – Gintalė, Šarūnė Vaitkutė, Dainius Narkus, Julius Vaitkus, Aurelija Šimkutė, Vita Pukštaitė, Sandra Malaškevičiūtė, Indrė Diržienė, Saulius Vaitiekūnas, R. Mėnulio Katinas, Tadas Deksnys, Andrius Gudišauskas, Rima Zaveckaitė, Rasa Špokauskaitė, Boris Kurkov and Domas Ignatavičius. Works of well known Estonian jewellers will be presented: Annika Kedelauk, Birgit Skolimowski, Kristiina Kibe, Pilleriin Jurisoo, Julia Maria Kunnap, Nils Hint, Ettel Poobus, Katrin Beljaev, Tanel Veenre, Ketli Tiitsar bei Kristi Paap. Estonians, who participate well, have delivered their unique cultural expression, while Lithuanians tended to the individual presentation. In exhibition Latvian jewellery will be represented by works of Ilze Kibure and Dace Vitola, and also well-known authors from Poland will participate like Arek Wolski and Karolina Bik. Karolina described her work “Tree” like this: “I found this piece of dried wood in a hard time of my life. While a tragedy touched me. Creating this brooch I had in my mind that desire to transform this unattractive piece of wood into something beautiful. Trusting that by this ritual I could bring fortune into my life. Therefore this piece has a message for anyone who will wear it… it is endowed with the energy of hope…”

Show of dreams and visions  created by these professional Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Polish jewellers will take place in Vilnius. Dreamscape is an exhibition of unified works into which artists implicates their own empathies, hopes and dreams, or maybe as well this is how they create separate corner into which every viewer could come.