(AV17) Gallery at POSITIONS art fair presents Lithuanian artists’ Nerijus Erminas, Dainius Trumpis, Andrius Erminas and Rafal Piesliak works.

Nerijus Erminas is one of the most fascinating conceptual sculptors in Lithuania. His works are characterised by sensitive transformation of reality into surreal and subconscious experiences. His narrative installations and objects are easily recognisable elements of human life which are transformed into unusual bodies, so the viewer would be caught in a never-ending play of meanings. Stories behind the work of N. Erminas take shape in the process of observing and analysing everyday rituals, interpreting both cultural and political contexts, history, religion, and expressing personal as well as collective experience.

Nerijus Erminas (1976) has had over fifteen solo shows in Lithuania, and actively participates in group exhibitions in Denmark, Italy, Germany, China, Belgium, Italy, etc. N. Erminas’ artworks were presented in the Lithuanian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2011. His artworks are also included in the permanent collection of MO museum in Vilnius and belongs to private collections in Lithuania and abroad.

Dainius Trumpis’ works are abstract portraits, paintings and assemblages in which reflections of the cultures of different nations are easily seen. As a travelling painter, Trumpis depicts various geographical and cultural contexts as well as his personal experiences. The presented artworks “The state of Marginal Reality” combine three particular knots: childhood memories from the Young Pioneer camp, the experience of roaming in the streets of Syrian cities and villages and the story about art activities with children in Moroccan village. From the first sight it seems that these stories have nothing in common, however they all have something invisibly similar – certain foreboding, readiness for approaching imaginary threat, actions that are performed with seriousness and responsibility.

Dainius Trumpis (1971) graduated with a master’s degree in painting from Siauliu university in Lithuania and TAIK university in Finland. He has had over twenty-five solo shows and participated in over fifty group shows worldwide (India, Morocco, China, France, Germany and etc.) His works are a part of Šiauliai Ausros Museum collection, Lithuanian Presidency collection and Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center collection.

Andrius Erminas is well known for his sensitive and associative sculptural objects and installations. Some of the most important creative principles employed by the artist are the use of references, construction of an imaginative narrative and transformation of easily recognisable everyday objects and materials into new symbolic sculpture pieces. Presented artworks entitled “Plants” are living organisms which feed on inorganic substances. The artist turns the plants into sculptural objects, emphasizes their shape and structure as well as neutralizes their individual, distinguishing features as colour and smell. They become lifeless, unified bodies – like monuments to their own selves.

Andrius Erminas (1971) had been granted with a national scholarship for culture and art and other recognition awards for his creativity. A. Erminas actively participates in various group and solo-shows as well as local and international art projects in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Israel, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany and etc. A. Erminas works have been acquired by private collectors, his work is also in a permanent collection of MO Museum in Vilnius.

Rafal Piesliak is a conceptual sculptor who creates spatial installations and objects using various sources of light. One of the most important themes of the work of Piesliak, which has been an object of his extensive exploration, is the connection of a person’s mental and emotional state with the surrounding environment. Everyday sources of light are often used by the sculptor as tools to depict the emotional state as well as to transform the atmosphere. Presented artworks are made using a similar technique although exploring different but relevant topics: today’s world’s ongoing events and the themes of synthesis and memory.

Rafal Pesliak (1983) takes part in the exhibitions since 2003. The artist has had nine solo shows and actively participates in group shows in Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania. In 2010, he was awarded with Polish State Award for Cultural Merits. Piesliak expands his creative activity in visual arts, sculpture, graphics and theatre.

The (AV17) Gallery, established in 2011, is one of few Lithuanian galleries that exclusively exhibit contemporary object, sculpture and installation art. The gallery collaborates with well-known conceptual artists in Lithuania and abroad, while paying attention to introduce first works of young perspective artists. (AV17) also represents the works of Lithuanian artists abroad, thus helping them achieve recognition on the international arena.

(AV17) Gallery at art fair POSITIONS
Booth A19
10 – 13, September
Tempelhof Airport Hangar 3-4, Columbiadamm 10, Berlin

The project is sponsored by Lithuanian council for culture and Vilnius City Municipality