From 21st to 24th of February (AV17) gallery will participate at art Karlsruhe fair in Germany and present two Lithuanian conceptual artists Nerijus Erminas and Rimantas Milkintas. art Karlsruhe focuses on the presentation of modern and contemporary art, with a great attention to sculpture. (AV17) gallery will present locally and abroad well-known Lithuanian sculptors for the first time at this art fair. Visitors will be able to see the conceptual installations of Nerijus Erminas and the most famous pieces by R. Milkintas, including some of the most recent works of the artist.

Nerijus Erminas is one of the most fascinating creators of conceptual sculpture in Lithuania, whose works are characterised by sensitive transformations of reality into surreal, subconscious experience. At art Karlsuhe the artist will present two installations. ‘Thoughtful Ocean’ – it is a part of his newest artwork inspired by Solaris – a book by Stanisław Lem and a movie by Andrei Tarkovsky. The narrative installation questions rational thinking, which by rejecting feelings or emotional experience, prevents people from understanding themselves and their surrounding. Random installation objects and creates stories referring to unawareness of the world and the constant subjectivism accompanying us. The second installation “Living Room” is among the best examples of what his work is all about. Objects comprising the installation represent the attributes of the affluence associated with a certain time period, which are joined together with natural materials, such as tree branches. Employing the attributes of affluence, the artist ironically reveals the surface-level, representative mundane reality of human beings, and at the same time – their natural origins which defy the material world. By combining natural materials, which represent the wilderness, with luxurious materials, which represent the communal urban culture, Nerijus Erminas identifies the point where defying one’s nature becomes impossible.

Rimantas Milkintas is a sculptor and installation artist whose work is distinguished by a combination of characteristic minimalist aesthetics and kinetic plasticity. Due to focus on the significant form of a work of art and its material properties, creations of the artist are often compared to those of Lithuanian and foreign classics of modernism. However, in continuing the tradition of modern sculpture, especially minimalist aesthetics, Milkintas successfully develops strategies of postmodern art and conceptualism. Instead of classic materials, the artist opts for veneer, metal and industrial beams, which, in his opinion, reflect our times best. At art Karlsruhe artist presents sculptures and works made of plywood and found industrial beams. As architectural ready-mades, industrial beams are connected to forms which allude to kinetics and movement. The use of these industrial beams convey the multilayer experience, which refers to the past as historical context of the material, and the nowadays – industrial beam rebuilt.


art Karlsruhe
(AV17) gallery’s booth: M03
February 21-24, 2019
Messe Karlsruhe, Messeallee 1, D-76287 Rheinstetten