Danas Aleksa is the creator of conceptual interdisciplinary art, working with sculpture, object, performance and video art. The main creative axes of the artist encompass time and space and their relationship. The leitmotifs frequently manifesting in his works include fragments of everyday situations related to a specific place, like traces left by a person or government mechanisms, revolving around the processes of changes, disappearance and destruction. Aleksa also pays a lot of attention to the adaptation of the society and nature to the everchanging conditions and the technological progress of the civilization. The artist does not rely on the values enforced, but rather looks for the social reality at the margins of life, in forgotten or abandoned places. He is like an observer analysing the surrounding environment, disrupting it in various ways and waiting for its response. Analysing social and virtual spaces, and acting in various performances, Aleksa tries to understand the social status of himself as an artist and his identity in various realities.

Danas Aleksa (1971) in 1997 has graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, where he obtained a master’s degree in sculpture. Since then, the artist has organized over 15 solo exhibitions and is also actively involved in group exhibitions. In 2012, he became a member of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artist’s Association. The artist lives and works in Vilnius.