Conceptual artist well known for his sensitive and associative objects of sculpture and installations. Some of the most important creative principles employed by the artist are the use of references, construction of an imaginative narrative, and transformation of old easily recognizable everyday objects and materials into new symbolic sculpture pieces. Through the use of unexpected interconnections, Erminas changes both meaning and inner characteristics of objects, turning them into symbols filled with tension, philosophic ideas, and personal experiences. In his works, one can find references to interpersonal, existential themes, reflections on dialectical opposites such as life and death, culture and nature, tradition, and modernity. The exhibition cycle “Human factor” continued since 2011 reveals the self-reflective nature of the artist’s work, it embodies the individual experiences of the artist and analyses a person’s place in the creative process, individuality, authorship, success, and failure in the artistic activities. Ambiguous, somewhat surreal creations of Erminas often function as personal symbols; however, easy to read and pleasing to the eye, the artist’s works easily lend themselves to the individual interpretation of the viewer.

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