Algis Kasparavičius is a sculptor and installation artist. The works by Algis Kasparavičius are based on a philosophical and multi-layered approach to different topics which are usually centered around the inner world of an individual, modern society and ritualistic practices of the modern man. When creating installations for exhibition spaces, Kasparavičius often stages situations with elements of a detective story, manipulating images instantly recognisable by the audience as well as time and space itself. Full of inner tension, objects created by Kasparavičius are no longer part of the natural state; they thrive surrounded by past and future events, and the viewer is offered an opportunity to experience the state of being caught between reality and illusion.

Algis Kasparavičius presents his latest solo exhibition featuring a collection of recent and previously created works, all centered around the theme of memory. The artist reflects on the fragility of human life and the passage of time. Through his exhibition, he unveils the uncommon experience of time, attained through significant moments and profound life experiences. The objects showcased in the exhibition create a surreal, dream-like ambiance, seemingly originating from an unknown source, leaving the viewer to ponder if they still serve their intended purpose or have adopted new meanings, becoming an element of a new story. Fragments of everyday objects scattered among the traces of unstoppable time, mark specific events or life transitions. The encounter with these objects encourages us to accept life as it is and take a moment to reminisce on the past or appreciate the fleeting nature of the present.

Algis Kasparavičius (b. 1975) studied at Kaunas Technology College and later graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a bachelor’s  (2003) and master’s (2005) degree in sculpture. His bachelor‘s artwork was granted the Vilnius Academy of Arts Award for Best Work of the Year.  The artist has organized thirteen personal exhibitions and has participated in more than sixty group exhibitions. His works were presented in Italy, Finland, Germany, USA and many other countries. He has received the National Grant for Art and Culture Creators numerous times. A. Kasparavičius Lives and works in Lazdijai, Lithuania.

The project was partly funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.