Conceptual sculptor creating spatial installations and objects. The work of Piesliak can be divided into periods, during which the artist dedicates all of his creative energy to the development of a specific theme. As a result of these theme-based cycles, the artworks created by the sculptor become a kind of each other’s continuation and are closely interconnected by conceptual links. One of the most important themes of the work of Piesliak, which has been an object of his extensive exploration, is the connection of a person’s mental and emotional state with the surrounding environment. According to Piesliak, the objects used in his work have no individual meaning, while as a whole they serve as an instrument to shape new experience of the observer. In his latest series themes of synthesis, memory and communication emerge. By reviving old porcelain for a new life and giving them a sculptural body, the artist analysis and transforms historical artefacts as well as the meanings of loss and rebirth.