Nerijus Erminas is one of few conceptual artists who work with amber. In the exhibition “INCUBATIO” Erminas uses amber as key material – transparent mineral which lets touch the secret of your own formation process with bare eye. This material in Nerijus Erminas’ works reborn with new and untypical shapes. This time as keyword for his creation Erminas chooses polysemantic term incubatio.


–          Ancient Greek and Roman tradition when the ill ones were left to sleep on the gold plated animal fur in a sacred area for a night with the intention of experiencing a divinely inspired dream or cure;

–          the process by which birds hatch their eggs, and to the development of the embryo within the egg;

–          medical term for the time between being exposed to infection and showing first symptoms;

–          The growth of microorganisms in the thermostat;

–           Care of premature baby in maintained special environmental conditions;

All of these meaning Nerijus Erminas abstractly visualises in the objects displayed in the exhibition “INCUBATIO”. Objects of small plastic tell the viewer about particular processes of our life which happen anywhere, at any time of day and independent from our wishes and dislikes.