Rimantas Milkintas is a sculptor born in 1977. At present Rimantas teaches drawing and sculpture at the VGTU Faculty of Architecture. Besides active participating in artistic life of Lithuania, Rimantas creates sculptures, sculptural objects and installations. The artist graduated MA in sculpture at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Milkintas has participated in numerous exhibitions and has gained a rich baggage of them. Exhibitions in Poland, Belgium, Latvia, Italy, Germany and Finland brought him fame in the international arena. Rimantas Milkintas is a regular participant in art fair ARTVILNIUS 2011 and is a winner of Artvilnius’11 best sculptures and installations nomination. His pieces have the combination of characteristic aesthetics of minimalism and kinetic plastic. It is easy to identify Rimantas touch by conceptual and plastical solutions provided by the effects of motions, the play between form and content and also by objects accompanied by deep contexts. However, well-known eccentric sculptor and his minimalistic works this time may seem different. Recently Rimantas wife Laima Milkintė has joined him. In 2007 after completing the photography and media art studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts Laima is actively involved in both Lithuanian and international artistic life.

“2″ – holds the keyword significance, covering the whole context of the exhibition: two spaces, two meanings, two poles, two medias, the existence of two materials in one or side by side. This exhibition will be a completely new creative phase of Laima Milkintė and Rimantas Milkintas. This fact can be witnessed by all the visitors of the exhibition.