Sculptor, installation artist. The works by Algis Kasparavičius are based on a philosophical and multi-layered approach to different topics which are usually centred around the inner world of an individual, modern society and ritualistic practices of the modern man. When creating installations for exhibition spaces, Kasparavičius often stages situations with elements of a detective story, manipulating images instantly recognisable by the audience as well as time and space itself. Full of inner tension, objects created by Kasparavičius are no longer part of the natural state; they thrive surrounded by past and future events, and the viewer is offered an opportunity to experience the state of being caught between reality and illusion. Another group of works by Kasparavičius – art interventions in public spaces – is defined by social content and performativity. Sometimes, these objects are accompanied by various interactions, making the work of art a part of performance or creating conditions for the viewer to take on a role of an active or passive participant of the life of artwork. Multi-layered works devoid of any logical solution often require the audience to look deeper and engage in active reflection.