(AV17) gallery from 7th to 11th of March will participate at eleventh edition of contemporary art fair VOLTA NY presenting Lithuanian sculptor’s Nerijus Erminas works. The art fair presents solo projects of well-known and emerging artists. Since the beginning of its foundation VOLTA NY has been focused on a single creator presentation in order to reveal more broadly the artist’s work.

(AV17) gallery will present one of the most fascinating creators of conceptual sculpture in Lithuania Nerijus Erminas and his narrative installation Living Room. With the help of symbols and certain cultural references, the artist uses the installation to reveal a number of collective and individual experiences. Objects comprising the installation represent the attributes of the affluence associated with a certain time period, which are joined together with natural materials, such as tree branches, allowing the author to develop multiple meanings. Employing the attributes of affluence, the artist ironically reveals the surface-level, representative mundane reality of human beings, and at the same time – their natural origins which defy the material world. By combining natural materials, which represent the wilderness, with luxurious materials, which represent the communal urban culture, Nerijus Erminas identifies the point where defying one’s nature becomes impossible.

Nerijus Erminas (1976) is a Lithuanian conceptual artist, graduated with master’s degree in sculpture from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The artist has had over fourteen personal shows in Lithuania, and actively participates in group exhibitions in Denmark, Italy, Germany, Latvia, etc. He was awarded scholarship for creators of art and culture by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania in 2012 and 2016. In 2010, Erminas won an award for the most prominent sculptural object in the Sculpture of the Year 2009 competition. Nerijus Erminas’s artworks were presented in the Lithuanian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2011. He was awarded a jury prize for the best presentation of sculpture Squirrel and Wall presented by (AV17) gallery at the contemporary art fair ArtVilnius’12. Erminas artworks are included in the permanent collection of MO museum in Vilnius, Lithuania.

VOLTA NY address: Pier 90, 12th Avenue & West 50th Street, New York, NY, 10019.

(AV17) gallery’s booth no. D18