One of the most renowned contemporary Estonian artists working in the field of conceptual jewellery. His mystical, enchanting, and one-of-a-kind works are sought after across the globe. The artist is often regarded as a representative figure of the Estonian jewellery, which is known to be exceptionally conceptual and distinguished by subtle and original expression of colours and forms. The jewellery compositions of Veenre are characterised by spatiality, poetry, subtlety of details, and unique use of materials. Magical, otherworldly objects and phantasmagorical images astonish by subtlety and the unlimited imaginative powers of the jeweller. Unearthly works created from fantastic materials such as cosmic dust or the leg of a black unicorn reveal the motifs of nature, mythology, and religion. One of the essential sources of inspiration for Veenre is nature, whose laws and beauty based on organic (a)symmetry dictates the aesthetics of his works. The works are also unique in their palette of predominant colours featuring pale, dusty, pastel colours which create a melancholic and mystic mood. According to the artist, he has a strong relationship with natural materials and absorbs their energy, which is later instrumental in the creative process. The works of rich forms are characterised by meaningful plots, where Veenre explores the existential questions of being by fragmented contemplation in the realms of the unknown.