The young-generation Lithuanian jeweller who combines the traditional and modern view to the art of metal. The works by Petronytė are characterised by the combination of innovative, playful and conceptual art with complex technological processes of jewellery. The artist is partial to aesthetics and fragile, sometimes weird and imperfect beauty of the daily life and draws inspiration from personal experiences, culture, and nature by closely observing the colourful world. Unexpected combinations of materials and images place the pieces by Petronytė between elegant beauty and oddity. The underlying thematic narratives behind her art pieces include references to the mythological world, surreal situations, and characters from the social underground rarely seen in daylight. Seemingly light and visually appealing works are the result of long and thorough creative process, where the jeweller uses wood, stone, metal as well as engraving and a rare mokume-gane technique, which originated in the 17th century Japan.