An interdisciplinary artist from Germany working in the fields of installation, object, textile, video, photography, and performance. The works of the artist are characterised by underlying social commentary, a reflection of current events, and psychological manipulation. Employing various means of artistic expression, the artist exposes the controversial nature of reality by stating that the meanings of well-familiar objects may be changed. Spatial installations of Stach are constructed based on the principle of paradoxical combinations, where the viewer becomes involved in a Kafkaesque situation filled with aimless action. Quite often transformed objects stepping beyond the limits of daily routine acquire symbolic meanings and through them the artist speaks of the world problems that she is most concerned about, such as exploitation of third world countries, emigration, crisis of values, growing consumerism, narcissism, and war. Rose Stach often uses autobiographic details, personal experiences, pursuits of artistic identity, explores the psychological and social obstacles burdening the contemporary society, and offers an opportunity of getting rid of them.