Laura Põld is an interdisciplinary artist from Estonia, combining various means of artistic expression such as sculpture, textile, ceramics, video, and photography. The artist works with diverse territories of pictorial terrain and philosophical or poetic texts that influence her thinking about the matter and the making of her objects and spatial installations. Põld’s works are like peculiar landscapes of stories or spaces, where the mind can visually wander to the forest, the hills, the mines, or even to the artist’s studio. While traveling and collaborating with other creatives, Põld explores multiple human and more-than-human societal customs, which she incorporates into her work. The artist carefully chooses the materials based on their agency and historical context. Using traditional techniques such as ceramics or rug-making, Põld blurs the boundaries between modernity and archaic life. Her recent works highlight the topics of intimacy, and the search for a place in the world, as well as the ecological subtexts, the relationship between man and nature, and the ethics thereof.

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