Conceptual Lithuanian artist working in the field of jewellery and fine plastic arts. Aesthetically pleasing creations defined by impeccable craftsmanship convey deep ideas inspired by the relevant social, philosophical, cultural and value-related themes. Social commitment, (self-)critical view of everyday life, irony and spirituality are all intertwined in ErminaitėŠimkuvienė’s works of jewellery, inviting the viewers not only to admire their aesthetic side, but also to become an active part of the network of associations created by the artist. A great part of the jeweller’s creative work is dedicated to the topic of spirituality explored by the artist through the use of objects illustrating sins and signs of degradation of the modern society. Serving as an allusion to such liturgical paraphernalia as monstrances, glass objects created by Erminaitė-Šimkuvienė invite the viewer to contemplate the lost spirituality of the society. Exploring the moral and cultural habits of the modern man, the artist often expresses a critical approach to and playful interpretation of various signs of a fast and commercialised culture. Conceptual approach towards jewellery is also demonstrated by the use of ready-mades combined with the traditional noble materials.