The creative practices of the German artist include jewellery, installation, object, and video art. Materiality, arbitrariness of meaning, social and value-related issues, and the consumer’s relation to the world of objects are the most frequent topics in the works of Stach. The works touch upon such emotional situations as confusion and uncertainty, and the viewer observing the transformation of the art pieces is encouraged to discover new ways of perception and use of the objects. The artistic practices of Stach – the destruction of pieces of jewellery by exposing them to chemical substances, setting them in unexpected urban spaces or turning into targets for knife throwing – redefine the perception of the art of jewellery. Stach replaces the ordinary creation of jewellery by performance, where the pieces lose their decorative purpose and become conceptual, self-reflective objects. According to the artist, his works offer a commentary on the consumerist culture as well as discreetly destroying the quality of objects to serve the world of glamour or satisfy its vain needs.