Eglė Čėjauskaitė-Gintalė is a conceptual jeweller who, during more than a decade of creative work, has developed a unique style in her jewellery. The work of Čėjauskaitė-Gintalė is distinguished by precision, literary dimension, as well as subtle and sophisticated details. The artist believes that creative process is an act of self-reflection that helps to learn more about oneself, one’s environment and identity. For this reason, the topics explored in the artist’s works vary from highly personal motifs and sensual experiences to sacred concepts, cultural memory and historical quotes. The artist often draws inspiration from Baroque jewellery of the 17th century; however, instead of copying the shapes, she interprets them, conveying specific aesthetic features and character typical of jewellery of the period. Subtle silver lace is a distinctive feature of the work of Čėjauskaitė-Gintalė, which makes her creations seem ephemeral and fragile. The artist pays great attention to the smallest details, texture, materials, shades, character and movement. The jeweller sees a man and human body as an important reference point for her creations; this is why wearing her jewellery which combines both functionality and conceptuality can be seen as a subtle performance.