A conceptual Estonian jeweller exploring different aesthetic and value-related topics, which are classified into two types by Kedelauk herself. First, it is her great fascination with mechanical objects, machines, and their separate parts, whose prototypes seem to be reborn in her works. Her jewellery pieces characterised by simplicity of form and practical and multifunctional nature are most often made of silver, gold, titanium, stone, wood, and other organic and timeless materials resistant to environmental factors, which create an impression of fortitude, strictness, and durability. Another relevant topic in the artist’s works is the mystical world of creatures existing in the dark and hidden from our sight. Drawing inspiration from nature, the jeweller creates weird, ghastly creatures from organic materials – obsidian and ebonite. The artist’s works are distinguished by original aesthetics which is achieved by combining the elegance of jewellery with repugnant images, and the unexpected humanizing of figures makes the viewer feel a strange fascination with the creatures conceived by the artist.