A duo of jewellers living and working in Tallinn (Estonia). The works of A & M Šaulys are characterised by postmodern expression, ironic outlook on contemporary society and interdisciplinarity. In their jewellery, the artists combine aesthetics and way of thinking typical of architecture, graphics and conceptual art. In the context of the contemporary jewellery scene of Estonia and the Baltic States, their works are distinguished for their underlying social commentary. The artists draw inspiration from the daily observation of the world and its latest events to deliver a unique and ironic view of various modern political, cultural and social problems in their work. Through their works A & M Šaulys aim to engage the audience in a dialogue, often provoking and encouraging the viewers to take notice of what is happening around them; the jewellers hint at the contraposition of eternal values and dynamic life influenced by consumerism observed in the modern society. Characterised by playful shapes, deep content and impeccable craftsmanship, the works of A & M Šaulys are both intriguing and appealing, while conceptual strategies of jewellery are reflected not only in the themes, but in the use of materials as well. The latter are chosen without any regard to rules or tradition; the artists rather look for physical characteristics of materials that best reflect the theme of their work.